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Designed to keep investors calm amidst the unpredictable waves of the crypto market. Mandalaz coin is your sanctuary for a focused mind.

FOMO-proof your crypto journey with Mandalaz

Mandalaz web site is a sanctuary for a calm mind and massive uptrend in your trading life. Return to the web site as needed.

Prime your mind by interacting with the hyper intelligent anti-FOMO Mandalaz trading oracle.
Ask the oracle questions about specific cryto projects or trading philosophy.




98% of LP tokens burnt. 2% used as part of marketing budget.


Contract ownership renounced. No inflation. There will never be more MDZ minted.

Mandalaz Roadmap

Explore the roadmap that guides our journey, where every milestone represents our commitment to innovation and progress.

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Meet the wizards of the crypto realm, where every trade is a step toward revolution. Explore our team’s mastery and see the magic behind our journey!

Rex Black

Unheralded Warrior Of Technology

Merlin Bransk

The Crypto Conjurer

Connor Hunt

The Crypto Slayer

Elara Mystique

The Crypto Sorcerer Of Pump

Smart trading requires good coaching from knowledgeable sources.

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